To share a bit about myself and create some understanding for who I am... I completed my BSc undergraduate degree majoring in Psychology and Nutrition and my Honours degree in Psychology at the North-west University. My Masters training in Clinical Psychology was done through the University of Limpopo (Medunsa Campus) under Professor Charl Vorster.  I completed my Internship for Clinical Psychologists at 1 Military Hospital and my Community Service at Tshwane District Hospital.

I am trained as an Integrative Interactional Psychotherapist, which means I work from a systemic prespective with a humanistic approach and focus on the nature and quality of interpersonal relationships and how these influence behaviour and emotional wellbeing. I have a variety of interests in the Clinical Psychology field and have practised as a Clinical Psychologist in many different contexts.  I was previously appointed as a part-time lecturer at the University of Pretoria’s Occupational Therapy Department and assisted in training third year Occupational Therapy students in Person-Centred Theory and Interviewing as well as Communications Training.  I also assisted at the Vaal University of Technology Student Counselling Services to counsel students that were experiencing emotional difficulties with the demands of tertiary education as well as in their relationships and families.  I was futher involved at Tshwane District Hospital on a part-time basis to assisted the multi-disciplinary team with the psychological evaluation of in-patients and to formulate treatment plans.  I also gained exposure to the physical rehabilitation environment when I consulted at Southdowns Intercare Sub-acute Hospital and gain experience in working with the rehabilitation team to assist with medical related psychological difficulties transpiring after traumatic medical procedures or injuries. 

Currently, I am Private Practice at the Satori Interactional Wellness Center situated in Garsfontein and also consult once weekly at Eersterus Community Health Clinic and the Tshwane Medico Legal Crisis. My cliental vary from our young explores till the more advanced in live and I consult in English and Afrikaans.  My training and experience allows me to work with a broad spectrum of presenting psychological problems ranging from adjustment difficulties, childhood developmental and behaviour difficulties, trauma and loss, bereavement and grief, abuse, substance dependency and/or addiction, relationship problems and divorce, communication problems, coping and stress, fear and anxiety, loneliness and depression, sexual difficulties, psychiatric problems, and psychological problems related to cronic medical conditions (to name a few) by using a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques from relationship therapy, behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, interactional therapy, brief psychodynamic therapy, hypnosis, strategic therapy and teddy bear therapy.

I would describe myself as a hard-working, balanced, motivated, enthusiastic, curious person and live by the motto: what you put in is what you get out.

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